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Conyers & Nix can help. Based in Salt Lake City, we represent clients in Salt Lake County, Davis County, and Utah County. We specialize in defending clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors in District Courts and Justice Courts. Whether you’re already charged with a crime or about to land in legal trouble, we will not only protect your legal rights--we will be your advocate through this difficult and daunting process. We bring extensive experience and effective advocacy to every case to support your individual needs and concerns.

We specialize in criminal defense; we have exclusively practiced criminal defense for over a decade. We've defended thousands of individuals against prosecution and have been successful in achieving the goals of our clients. We don't just fight for your legal case--we fight for you.

You are not a criminal and no one should treat you like one. Unlike others, we believe that you are innocent until proven guilty. We treat every client with the respect, dignity, and compassion that they deserve. Our clients know that we’re on their side.

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Areas of Practice


Were you legally stopped? Did the officer correctly instruct you on the field sobriety tests? Was the officer’s dash cam turned on? Was the breathalyzer calibrated and administered correctly? These are questions an experienced attorney will ask when defending you from the serious consequences of a DUI.

drug crimes

If you are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of controlled substance, or possession with intent to distribute, we can help you avoid severe legal consequences. Outside of the courtroom, we can also help you find help if you are struggling with drug addiction.

domestic violence

We represent individuals on both sides of domestic violence because we know there are two sides to every story. Did the police officer give you a criminal protective order preventing any contact? Is your family being negatively affected? We can help you through this difficult and emotional situation.


Property crimes carry potential ramifications to educational opportunities, employment prospects, and professional licenses are enormous. You can also be exposed to serious jail time for theft, so please contact us so we can help you avoid these potential consequences.


Every assault allegation is different because every person is different. Was there a misunderstanding or were you defending yourself? A person does not even have to be injured for you to receive an assault charge. We can defend you from bogus and trumped up assault charges.


Do you have a mistake from your past that you’d like to erase? Do you want your past convictions to disappear and not show up on background checks? We can help you with the process of cleaning your record and erasing your legal mistakes.



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